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Your custom BLITZ guitar starts with an AB1.6 Alder body and Roasted Maple neck. The body is sent to a double secret location where it is specially electrocuted by an expert with more than 10,000 volts (do not try at home). Electric lightning blitz lines and wood grain are different every time, so each instrument is completely unique. Afterwards the body is cleaned and poly sealer coats are applied. Once dry, assembly begins with the neck fitted with Solar locking tuners, Floyd Rose installation, pickups, electronics wiring and shielding, strings strung up and final set-up by our experienced luthiers to be ready for any level of professional stage or studio. MCAS Custom fitted ABS molded flight ready case is included along with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by the Artisan Master that finished that finished your guitar. Note that the pictures of the serial number you are looking at is the actual guitar you will receive, and all effects of the finish are shown, so you see what you get! *Disclaimer: 1. The processes utilized in the creation of Solar Guitars are done by professionals and should not be imitated or attempted. The use of electricity and fire is dangerous and life threatening if not handled by professionals highly trained in such matters. The application of paints, stains and other chemicals are sensitive to human skin until dry and potentially harmful. Solar Guitars, Chug Express SL., Chugs and Hugs, AG, along with any associates or affiliates have no responsibility and are not liable in any way for actions by any 3rd party, customer, individual, or group that utilize, implement, copy, attempt, mimic or recreate any real or perceived production methods described or products shown. 2. Due to the nature of the raw materials and random elements in the cosmetic processes of Chop Shop guitars, there may be unique imperfections that are in fact part of the product design. Each serial numbered instrument shows actual images of the instrument purchased. Please study the images to be sure of the serial number you choose. Returns are generally not accepted.

SAMPLE - AB1.6FR BLITZ Chop Shop N°: IW21090483

This sample product is inspected, tested and fully covered by manufacturer's standard warranty. Check the special specs below.
Product has minor finish paint imperfectionProduct has visible finish paint imperfections

US $1,839.00