Sinpay Biljee – ALPHOENIX / SHADOWGAZER / MYPROOF Solar Artists

Sinpay is a Japanese song writer/guitar player/singer for melodic death metal band called ALPHOENIX and post-black metal/blackgaze project SHADOWGAZER.
He is also known as a member for MYPROOF and was active mainly in Asia area from 1999 to 2013.

Latest releases:
ALPHOENIX ‘Final Crusades’ (Walküre Records/Disk Union Group)
SHADOWGAZER ‘Blackgaze Cinema’ (Pest Productions)
MYPROOF ‘Metal for Silent Fury’ (Spiritual Beast/Universal Music LLC)


AB1.6 Artist LTD

My AB 1.6 Artist LTD has Evertune, which brings modern down-tuning at the perfect pitch. I’m really impressed and can’t wait to use it for recording and touring.

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