Ritchie Randall – GRAVEHUFFER Solar Artists

Since their inception in 2008, Gravehuffer has crafted their sound into an other-worldly amalgamation of Crust, Punk, Metal, Grindcore, and unapologetic down-tuned Sludge-laden Doom.
Gravehuffer were signed on with Bluntface Records for a special vinyl release of their acclaimed Your Fault album, which features 2 bonus tracks and a guest solo by former Carcass lead guitarist Carlo Regadas. 
They are now currently signed with NoSlip Records, released a 2 song vinyl EP in late fall of 2019, and are currently recording another full length album again for NoSlip Records.

Gravehuffer are currently signed to Black Doomba Records, who are releasing the new album NecroEclosion on January 15th 2021.

This is an exciting guitar for me! It has the looks and sound that I demand for Gravehuffer. I can’t wait to show it off to the world.

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