René Berthiaume – EQUILIBRIUM Featured Artists

René is the founder and head of the German metal band Equilibrium. Founded in 2001 originally for just one show, the band managed to evoke such a storm of excitement at their home metal base, that disbanding into nowhere was out of the question. After the first demo release in 2003, their full-length debut »Turis Fratyr« (2005) as well as their Nuclear Blast premiere »Sagas« (2008) followed. Up to now they released 6 albums, regularly entering the German album charts (with the album “Armageddon” even #5). The music of Equilibrium can be described as heavy, epic and folky. Their lyrics are written both in English and German. René writes and produces music mostly in the box on the computer. He prefers to have a quick workflow to be able to translate musical ideas quickly. That’s why the big selection of Evertune guitars in the Solar Guitars catalogue is very important for René.

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