Are you shipping to my country? How much is the shipping?

A complete list of all the countries we ship to and the respective shipping cost can be found on our page SHIPPING COST AND DELIVERY TIMES
You can also calculate shipping to your region in the Cart Section of the page.

How long from when I place an order do you ship out the product?

We will process your order and ship within 48 hours during workdays. If you place an order on a weekend or holiday, your order will be processed and shipped out within 48 hours of the next coming work day. For delivery times check our page SHIPPING COSTS AND DELIVERY TIMES

Can I get One of your guitars customized or in a different color?

We are not a custom shop brand and we do not offer customizations to any guitars. What we have available are the guitars that are in the Guitars section.

Do you offer artist endorsements?

Yes we do offer artist endorsements.

To apply to become a Solar Guitars artist, please send us a down to point and short resume through our contact page:

1. What you’re doing?
2. How many live shows you play per year?
3. How many followers on Facebook, Youtube etc. you have(including links)?

We currently have a lot of artist inquiries, and we’re going through all the applications,
but since we are a start-up company, there are limits of what we can do for artists.
So please be patient and realistic with your expectations.

Once you have replied to point 1 – 3 we will evaluate your application and get back to you.

Do you make left handed guitars?

We do offer Left Handed guitars, see the Guitars section

How are the guitars packed for shipping?

All guitars are shipped in an inner and an outer carton for maximal protection against shipping damages.

I want to use different gauges / tunings in my EverTune equipped Solar

The majority of our guitars come tuned in E standard, with D’Addario NYXL (09-46) light strings.

If you want to change the tuning and gauges in your EverTune equipped Solar, the first thing you should to is to use the below calculator.


The EverTune bridge in your Solar guitar comes loaded with STANDARD tension spring modules, which should handle E standard tuning from 09-46 to 11-49 gauge.

EverTune also offers LOW tension modules and HIGH tension modules, depending on your needs.


As an example, let’s say you want to tune your Solar down to Drop C, and you plan to use a 12-60 set. According to the calculator:

  • Low C: 60 gauge, Standard tension spring module
  • G: 46 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • C: 34 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • F: 20 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • A: 16 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • C: 12 gauge. Standard tension spring module

So, your Solar should be able to handle drop C with the above gauges.


Now let’s see what happens if you want to tune your Solar down to Eb standard with a 09-46 set

  • Low Eb: 46 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • Ab: 36 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • Db: 26 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • Gb: 16 gauge. Standard tension spring module
  • Bb: 11 gauge. Custom low tension spring module.
  • Eb: 09 gauge. Custom low tension spring module.

This means that if you want to use your Solar in Eb tuning and 09-46 gauge, you should purchase two Custom low tension springs. Otherwise, you should increase the gauge of the set (for example, up to the next one 10-52).

This is how the spring module looks like:







You can buy your spring modules here: EVERTUNE PARTS STORE

I can’t setup my EverTune bridge properly, what should I do ?

Any time you install a new string, or change gauges, you have to make sure that you constantly pull gently from the string as you tune up, because this balances the system. This “activates” zone 2.

If done right, as you tune up, there will be a point where the pitch stays the same ,no matter how you keep turning up the tuner. This is Zone 2. Even if you bend the string , pitch won’t change. You’ll also know you are in Zone 2 because when you pull from the string , the saddle rocks back and forth slightly. If the saddle is completely stuck and doesn’t move at all , you either out of the range of the spring module, or you need to “reset” it (continue reading).

In case the pitch goes up as you turn the tuning peg to the point where the string is just about to break, remove the string and “reset” the saddle, making sure that the tuning screw is halfway of its travel.

If you keep tuning up, there will be a moment where pitch will go up again. That’s Zone 3 , where you can bend the strings again. Once Zone 3 has been reached, detune the string right to the point where it goes up in pitch.

In case you tune up and you can’t reach “Zone 2”, and the string just goes up in pitch like it would do on a regular guitar, it’s because of the following:

  • You have not been pulling from the string while tuning it up to tension
  • The tuning screw is at either end of its travel and needs to be “reset” (set it on the middle of it’s travel length and start all over again . DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE SCREW AS YOU MIGHT BREAK IT.
  • Because of your specific tuning / string gauge you need either a lower / higher tension spring module. Please check the String Tension Calculator   to make sure that your current spring module is able to handle that specific tuning and string gauge.