Welcome to the Solar Guitars CHOP SHOP!

Located at our main facility next to the Ancient City of Girona in Catalunya, Spain, the CHOP SHOP is a “rules free” zone where ideas, creativity and the extreme side of electric guitar culture thrive.

The founding principal is very simple: Take the basic elements of what would be an awesome Solar Guitar 1 series model, then customize, modify, paint, morph, torch, electrocute, relic, stain, saw, wire, assemble and set-up to make something that has never ever been seen before.

This could mean a striking new finish made from actual metal alloys, radical changes to hardware, pickup designs, new wiring configurations, complete deconstructions, destructions, relics and whatever else we can think up. Most important though, is our specialty: truly violent finish processes using methods of custom manipulation that challenge the notions of what can be done to a wood-based instrument.

The results are epic and groundbreaking.

Check out the Chop Shop and set a reminder to visit often because you’ll see new creations evolving constantly.

*Displayed net price reflects the additional 15 % anniversary discount.