Tyreek Jackson – THE HUDSON HORROR (and others) Solar Artists

Tyreek is a multi-instrumentalist based out of New York City. Having been immersed in the music of many different cultures throughout his career, Tyreek is known for his versatility and comfortability in a range of musical styles and environments. As a session musician, you can find his playing on a diverse array of musics — ranging from extreme metal to experimental jazz. He has recorded with artists including Nili Brosh and Sarpay Ozçagatay, and has opened up for artists including Chris Amott and Tim Lefebvre. Currently, Tyreek is a regular member of The Hudson Horror (melodic death), The Illusory Self (death metal); Adam Neely’s JAZZSCHOOL (jazz, fusion, metal, pop); Twin Chord (rock); and Bright Dog Red (experimental jazz).

He has also released some of his original material across all of the streaming platforms:

Alongside music, Tyreek is a neuroscientist who focuses on mapping the neural topology of improvising musicians from different stylistic backgrounds. You can find links to his research here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=n8eAaoUAAAAJ&hl=en


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