Tiago Marinho – ALLAMEDAH Solar Artists

Tiago is the lead guitarist of the band Allamedah.
 Growing in up in a musical family, mostly influenced by his parents and sister, who played guitar, he eventually got his first guitar by the age of 12.
He spent the following years developing his skills, trying to replicate the songs of his favourite artists and bands, such as Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Sting, Django Reinhardt, Trivium or Slipknot, just to name a few.
A few years later, he started sharing his work on social media, by posting metal versions of the biggest Pop hits at the time. This eventually led him to join Allamedah, in 2016.
So far, Tiago has featured – as guitarist and composer – on the band’s debut EP, “Rio”, from 2016, and also on every single the band released during the year of 2018, such as “Open Field”, “Perspective” and their biggest hit so far, “Algema”.
The band’s music is defined by the constant search for an innovative and modern sound that combines the intensity of Heavy Metal, with the disctintive sound of the Portuguese traditional music and other music genres.
Tiago is set to enter the studio with Allamedah, in the beggining of 2019, to release more singles throughout the year.

Tiago Marinho – ALLAMEDAH On social media