Steven Taylor – METALHEAD PRODUCTIONS Solar Artists

The Metalhead Productions page, run by Steven Taylor, is a channel
for people that love metal, riffs, and the gear that makes it possible. Brutally honest gear reviews, demos, and comparisons from one guitar nerd to another. There has never been a better time to be a guitarist with a gear obsession.

GC2.6TBR – This one in particular has been a workhorse for me on the channel, and personally. It’s been in so many of my videos because of how great it feels to play, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks so good on camera.

A2.7  – With seven string guitars it’s hard finding one with the right feel, the necks are usually too far and round, or way too thin and flat. The neck on my solar feels great, the perfect balance between fast and comfortable.

My Solar GC2.6TBR Looks, plays, and most importantly, sounds exactly how a metal guitar should. An absolute workhorse.

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