Spooky Von Amduat – SPELLGRINDER Solar Artists

SPELLGRINDER was formed by Spooky Von Amduat in 29 Palms, CA. during the pandemic of 2020. Amduat was searching for a band with a sound and image that combined Danzig with Pantera. Unable to find a band that could deliver that specific criteria, Amduat began writing and recording material that would become SPELLGRINDER. SPELLGRINDER favors short tightly arranged songs, horror themed lyrics, and non-virtuosic riffs and solos. This may be because Amduat’s roots lie closer to Misfits and Ramones than Steve Vai and other amazing guitarists. Spellgrinder’s riffs, arrangements, and lyrics have a stripped down and fun aspect to them. “I’m trying to write something as simple and effective as ’Twist Of Cain’. Maybe the riff is only a few notes, but they’re very effective notes.” claims Amduat.




Half of what I do I got off of Ola videos.

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