Skullripper – EMBRIONAL / AZARATH Featured Artists

Skullripper is the leader of Embrional band, as well as since 2017 official vocalist and guitarist of Azarath founded by Inferno (Behemoth) For several years he actively play gigs and festivals with both bands. During last few years he has recorded four full albums with Embrional and one full album “Saint Desecration” with Azarath. Currently he working on next albums as well as perform to gigs and festivals for mentioned bands using the Solar guitars. 




During my whole guitarist career, this is my first application for endorsement. Generally in the past, I had an opportunity to play on several types of guitars however, your mark just crushed my head with its sound and quality. This instrument is perfectly produced and even dry sound from the corpus is magnificent! I ask for endorsement because I would like to identify with such great quality and proudly spread it around the world. It would be an honor for me to become part of your guitar family and hope that this dream comes true!

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