Sean Gary – OCEANS OF SLUMBER Featured Artists

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mullaney Photography

I started playing guitar in 1995 and met my best friends through playing together. Heavy metal brought us together through the content, attitude and raw expression of emotion. The power and gravity of metal was unlike any other I’d experienced. My strongest bonds were forged in these fires, bonds that would last a lifetime. I formed my first band at 15 and I’ve been at it ever since. Music has gotten me through the hardest times in my life. The guitar, my constant companion.

My journey has led me to where I am now, guitar player and vocalist for Oceans of Slumber. We are not a band that considers what is trending or fashionable. We are a progressive metal band in the purist sense. Everything we do is real and from the heart. Our band is committed to pushing the boundaries and defying the expectations of progressive metal. Fluff is not in our musical vocabulary. As part of Century Media/Sony records, we’ve released two full-length records and an EP, in addition to an independently released first record.

I am fortunate to play with musicians that inspire me and constantly push my boundaries. My relationship with my wife and daughter, family, friends and the musicians I play with give meaning to my life. For these things I am forever grateful and indebted to them.

“Solar Guitars embodies everything Heavy Metal stands for. Powerful and elegant. A man’s instrument is an extension of himself and this is the perfect vehicle for me.”

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