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My name is Rob Fulton-Hamilton. I was born New Years Eve in 1995, and I’m the frontman of Beyond Your Design.

Ever since I saw Jack Black in the movie ‘School Of Rock’, I’ve wanted to be a musician. And since hearing the electrifying chorus of ‘Run To The Hills’ by Iron Maiden; I’ve been fascinated with heavy metal.

From seeing my earliest musical heroes like Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine and Machine Head take to the stage at Download Festival and Bloodstock Festival grasping bright and pointy guitars; I’ve wanted to stand out on stage. The electric guitar is an extension of myself, and with that it must be vibrant and eye catching. An instrument that most modern metal guitar players would say ‘that’s too pointy for me’. This is what first attracted me to Solar Guitars.

Since attending my first concert in 2011, it’s been my dream to perform in front of thousands of people. To create an exciting and entertaining environment that spreads an inclusive message to
individuals from all backgrounds, that will last a lifetime. These are the values that myself and Beyond Your Design epitomize above all else, and is reflected by our epic live performances and our intoxicating music.

“Anyone who knows me, knows I like my guitars bright and pointy. Solar Guitars have been providing me with those since 2019.”

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