Raymundo Monroy – ASEDIO Solar Artists

Raymundo Monroy is the bassist for the melodic death metal band Asedio. Previously he played in countless informal projects as a guitarist, until he came to Asedio in 2015. There he held the position of bassist, thus having the family he always sought.

With Asedio he has recorded the LP’s Mi nombre es legión (2018), plus the EP’s Ángeles derrotados (2020) and, soon, El asesino dentro de mi (2022). Monroy has been an important pillar in the consolidation of the band’s sound thanks to his neat and experienced execution.

Raymundo Monroy is a lover of classic rock; his style has been influenced mainly by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Guns And Roses, but also by contemporary bands like Mastodon, The Haunted or In Flames.

Monroy, alias The Padrastro, is a lover of speed, cars, plaid shirts and sunglasses. He needs music to survive physically and emotionally.

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Solar adjusts perfectly to the low tunings that we require, the comfort, execution and sound make it the ideal instrument for the modern metalhead.

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