Raphael Olmos – KAMALA Solar Artists

Raphael Olmos teaches music for almost 20 years and he is the vocalist/guitarist and founder member of a Brazilian thrash metal band KAMALA.

The band is active since 2003, with the proposal of mixing the heaviness , energy and intensity of metal, with oriental melodies and of course, A LOT OF RIFFS!

With overwhelming stage presence, the powertrio has an impact on every show.

In addition to several festivals in Brazil, the band has already performed many European tours, KAMALA has been gathering fans and good reviews on the specialized media all over the world.



S1.6 PB

AB 1.6 G

In all these years, i’ve never talked about endorsement with any guitar brand, cause beside a good gear, i’ve always expected a brand that breathes METAL just like me.

And I totally found all of this in SOLAR GUITARS, awesome weapon, with great tone (that chug!) and extremely comfortable, that brought a better stage performance and recording. Having this guitars and being part of the Solar family, it’s a totally game change for me!

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