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Oscar Bitzer was born in Guadalajara, MX. He began his musical career while studying high school and started playing big shows a few years later. Over the years he has had the opportunity to work and play with great artists in the Metal music, playing and touring over Mexico and South America. He has also participated as a guest musician in different projects in Mexico and the USA.


During these 4 years, Medical Negligence has made 8 tours in Mexico and 2 successful tours in South America acompanying inconic bands of international stature like Suffocation, Origin, The Faceless and many others.

The band’s lates material was released in the US through the emerging label Heavy Hand Media in California, exposing the band to new horizons.

Medical Negligence is originally from Guadalajara, MX. A combination of powerful gutturals and brutal guitar riffs are the perfect suture for this Nu Grindcore machine.


A1.6 ATG Baritone-27




I choose Solar Guitars because they have a sound that every metalhead wants. Incredible instruments, shapes and colors. If you want to sound like the big boys, get one!

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