Opie Smith III – A Fitting End Solar Artists

Opie Smith III is a founding member of the band, Fall Before Your Creator aka FBYC.  Fall Before Your Creator is a heavy, aggressive, and shredding melodic/blackened/deathcore band hailing from Charleston, West Virginia, USA!

Formed in 2010 from the ashes of seasoned local acts, Fall Before Your Creator quickly became a popular act in the region.  FBYC released their first EP titled “The Engineer” in early 2011.  Recently FBYC released “Judge Shred” EP and is available for free on YouTube.  FBYC is currently working on a new EP which is almost complete.  FBYC has shared the stage with many national acts and continues to preform and play with many local and national acts. 

Main – S1.7APP
Secondary – S1.7LB

Solar guitars impressed me with the overall quality of their build and production of guitars.  The moment I picked up the guitar and plugged it in, I knew the brand would be my go to.  From the impeccable fret work to the specs and sound quality, I knew I had to be apart of the Solar team!

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