Olivier Dupont – DEATHAWAITS Solar Artists

French guitarist, playing in some undergrounds band as Heavylution, Furyens and more recently DeathAwaits. His influences are both old school and modern: from Megadeth, Pantera, Death, Dissection, Coroner, Iron Maiden to Revocation, Obscura, Beyond Creation… and forged his powerful but touchy playing. Olivier steped in the rising up death thrash metal band DeathAwaits in june 2018 for their show with Exodus. DeathAwaits is currently touring Europe defending their critically acclaimed 4th album entitled Rapture Smites, which has established the band as a rising force on the French metal scene. With both guitarists geared up with Solar® equipment, DeathAwaits are ready to unleash their devastating Thrash/Death onslaught to international stages.

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