Mundo Juillerat – The Fly’n Hawaiian Solar Artists

Originally from Hawaii, Mundo Juillerat (aka “The Fly’n Hawaiian”) now resides and works out of Las Vegas NV.
He plays five nights (10 shows) a week for Le Reve – The Dream in the Wynn Resort on the Las Vegas strip. He’s also the leader of the modern gypsy jazz group “The Hot Club of Las Vegas” (check out their 3 releases on all digital platforms!) He also performs with his other projects “The Amazing Wannabes” and “Trio Mundo”.
Mundo has performed with David Coverdale, Sheena Easton, Brian McKnight, Bill Champlin (of Chicago), Sophie B. Hawkins, JD Nicholas (of the Commodores), Melissa Manchester, and Crystal Gayle among others.
Mundo literally went from playing Hawaiian music professionally at the age of 13 to joining progressive rock groups. Now he plays all styles and has done many sessions in all genres. Nowadays, most of his session work is done through his home studio “Ka Hale Ilio”, where he’s recorded artist records, soundtrack sessions, Broadway cuts, cruise ship shows and even guitar parts for some major Chinese production shows.
Mundo plays his Solar S1.6FRBLB on all the heavy Eb tuned parts in the Le Reve show. It’s also the perfect fit for an upcoming performance with the prog metal group Dinner Music For The Gods.


As a gun for hire sideman and session guitarist I need a guitar to fit every genre. I was lacking on the “heavy music” side of things. My Solar is the perfect tool for hard rock to heavy metal to post hardcore prog shred metal  and it cleans up nice too. ALL THE CHUGS AND ALL THE NOTES!

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