Alvaro Fuentes Ziller – MINERVA Solar Artists

Minerva was born in 2013 from the idea of guitar player Alvaro Fuentes Ziller, with the aim of creating a modern melodic death metal band, with heavy riffs and harmonic choruses.
Drawing on influences from Swedish Death Metal and American Metalcore, they create compositions where guttural vocals are mixed with melodic vocals, achieving catchy harmo-nies and highly memorable choruses. This is accompanied by guitar riffs, deep and defined bass, and driving drums, which give rise to energetic grooves that captivate the lis-tener’s attention. It also has melancholic melo-dies and solos that place the listener in a more intimate and emotional atmosphere.
The themes are, in general, about personal experiences and social problems, trying to generate reflection, motivation and a desire to overcome through the conscience of the human being.
True to their roots, the band has released 2 LPs and an EP. “Cielos Grises’ is their most recent work.

When everyone comes together and marches towards the same horizon, dreams transform into thrilling realities

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