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Mihai is founding member of Dirty Shirt, band’s main composer, playing keyboards and guitars. Dirty Shirt are widely regarded as one of the most original and successful rock bands in Eastern Europe, having a consistent presence at an international level (tours and media) as well. Even though their music is based on the modern hardcore-metal sound, Dirty Shirt are incredibly astute in blending various genres, being known mainly for their musical influences stemming from East European traditional music. The use of traditional acoustic instruments in the studio and on stage makes this mixture even more authentic. Their songs are catchy and dancing, thus having a broader appeal to a wider audience, not just the metal fans.

T2.7 LN+

After being endorsed by Washburn Solar guitars in 2014, as a result of wining second place at Wacken Metal Battle, it is a great privilege to continue the collaboration with the Solar team.

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