Maxime Maréchal – HURAKAN Solar Artists

From Amiens, France, Maxime is highly influenced by Brutal Death Slamming, Black Metal and Deathcore music. Not only being the guitarist of his bands, he also composes bass and drums, showing his multitasking ability. By releasing albums and playing lives, he shows his passion to the metal community and he never stops pursuing his music career.

1. Hurakan
2. Dimensional Decay
3. Vicious Intent
4. Vermicular Incubation



My Solar A1.7 ARTIST LTD – BLACK OPEN PORE is just a perfect brutal weapon! Thanks to the Evertune bridge, I no more worry about the stability and intonation of my guitar while playing crazy on the stage and recording precisely in my studio. The Solar is so comfortable to play with and it sounds huge! The Solars are the real game changers!

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