Max Maeder – MYOSOTIS Solar Artists

Max Maeder is a guitar player from Hamburg. He is the creative mind behind various projects including Myosotis, Valinta and his Solo project Max Mustache. Max started playing guitar at an early age idolizing Tom Morello, Guthrie Goven, John Petrucci & Yngwie Malmsteen. Players that are incredibly gifted, but also very diverse in sound and technique. He jumped from band to band in his career but found his creative voice in Hamburg-based Progressive Nu-Metal Band Myosotis. The band comes from a background filled with individual difficulties and understands the increasing fear of being isolated. Their fans travel from all over the country to spend time with them and exchange thoughts that no one else would like to listen to. “No one is alone – No one is forgotten”.

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„On my journey as a guitarist I’ve come across many different types, shapes and tones, but the first time I played a Solar I instantly knew that this is exactly what I need from a guitar. From playability to design, tone & quality. It feels so natural to play and enables me to transfer my ideas straight into my music.”

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