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The band was born in 2016 formed by Henry Pistolese and Salvatore Giordano (guitar and drums of Derdian) needing to start with something new and different then many years of Derdian power metal. With them Jacopo Franzoni on bass lay the foundations for a brutal, basical back to the origins of metal trying to be out of every genre and style, thrash, death, glam, power, pop, rap, black, nu, epic, industrial, metalcore, this and that etc… or maybe all togheter… In 2019 me, Matteo Baschiera, old school pure thrash lover, got the band as lead guitar after years and years playing around Milano with every kind of metal bands and finally we got in 2020 our first full length album called “URNO1” and the primitive metal is born. Second album will be out in 2021.

Some URNO1 album Reviews: (Bandcamp) (Spotify) (Deezer) (Amazon Music) (itunes)


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