Máté Breier – NEST OF PLAGUES Solar Artists

Máté Breier is a hungarian guitarist who has been playing since 2010 when he was 17. In 2012 he joined his first metal band, called Doublethink. He had concerts frequently with this metal band between 2012 and 2014 and they released a three-song EP in 2013. At the same time he founded his own progressive rock/metal band but he performed live with this band only once – then they broke up in 2014. Also Doublethink broke up in this year and he started his current band, called Nest of Plagues. Nest of Plagues mixes heavier genres of metal like deathcore, metalcore and groove metal with different techniques of growling and melodic screaming/singing. Their first EP ‘Nest of Plagues’ was dropped in 2016 and their first full-length album ‘End of the Comedy’ was released in 2018. Since then they dropped 7 singles with music videos, toured in Hungary and managed to build a solid fanbase in the country. Their second full length album ‘To Kill A God’ is coming this April via a hungarian label, Metal.hu.



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