Martin Boe – GRIMNER Featured Artists

Hailing from the north, Sweden’s Grimner have not failed to amaze crowds wherever they have

performed. Incorporating folk instruments such as flutes and the mandola into their own

melodic yet aggressive brand of metal and with lyrics that honour the norse gods and fallen

warriors of old, they have taken enthusiasts of both metal and folk music by storm. With some

songs dark and brooding, others fast and folkish, Grimner never fail to entertain. The journey

began in 2008 and lead to this day, when six vikings from different parts of Sweden stand

together, having vowed to pillage and plunder as many countries and towns as they are able!

Played at festivals such as “sabaton open air” “ragnarök festival” “Durbuy festival” and was

booked for “Wacken open air” 2020 but unfortunately had to cancel because of Covid19.

Grimner are currently in the studio recording their 4th full length album at “Top floor studios”

in Gothenburg Sweden.

More and more of my fellow brothers and sisters in the fellow metal scene are now using Solar guitars as their main instruments. To become a Solar Artist would be a dream come true for me. I’ve had my eyes on Solar guitars ever since I tried out a A1.7 with an evertune bridge that my friend bought! I need this in my life! Let’s do it!

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