Marco Vitali – Ibridoma Solar Artists

I was born in 1981 in Montegranaro a small town in the middle of Italy. I startet to play guitar when I was 14. When I was 18 I studied at CPM in Milan. Then I Studied Jazz with Paolo Paglialunga, Gianfranco Continenza (Contemporary Music Institute Pescara) and Mariano Gaetani.
I studied classical guitar with: Silvio Catalini, Piero Tosi, Luca Pecchia, Giovanni Seneca, Tonio Malvezzo and Mariano Gaetani.
In 2000 I began to teach guitar and bass guitar.
In 2008 I graduated in Music Management and Performance and in 2012 in Classical Guitar.
In 2008 I recorded my first solo album with the band CONCEPT PROJECT, I joined to IBRIDOMA in 2007.
I work with the magazine Guitar Club Italy since 2017.
In the 2020 I released my online guitar Methods with Angelo Ottaviani and Easy Chitarra.



I love Solar guitars for the sound, colors and very confortable freatboards.

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