Luís Coelho – SACRED SIN Featured Artists

Luís Coelho is a portuguese guitar player. Started his path in the (underground) portuguese metal scene in the mid 90’s. One of the founding members of Hang the Traitor, a Thrash/Death metal band. 10 years later joined Cryptor Morbious Family, a Industrial metal band, in which he was a live session member for 2 years.
In 2019 he joined one of the biggest Death/Thrash metal portuguese and european bands, Sacred Sin. Currently working in a new studio album, with already two released singles. (Born Suffer Die and False Deceiver). 2020 Will be a very busy year with live shows all over Europe.

Solar is one of the most versatile guitar I’ve ever used. I’m completely in love with these guitars and how they fit my playing style. A guitar made by a guitarrist for guitarrists is trully a game changer.. feels custom made for me.

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