Kurt (QD) Schurtenberger – Rebound Solar Artists

QD is a guitarist from Switzerland.

He learned classical guitar at school.
At the age of 16 he bought his first electric guitar and taught himself how to play metal guitar.
A short time later he formed the thrash death metal band “Incest” with very good friends.
After a few years the band was renamed to (aka) profound. After that he played in several other bands.
In March 2021 he formed Rebound, his new thrash metal band. At the moment they are busy writing new songs.

V2.6AG – Army Green Matte

E2.6C – Carbon Black Matte


In the past I have owned several guitars, from cheap to very expensive.
But the solar guitar has really convinced me. From the workmanship to the materials used.
I am very impressed with the sound of the guitar, the guitar feels good in the hand and is excellently processed.
Even if a part should be defective, there is immediately and competently helped.
What more could you ask for!

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