Jury Kowalczyk – ENDSEEKER Solar Artists

I came to the electric guitar when I was about 14 years old, so I have been playing this beautiful instrument for 27 years now. My first guitar god as a child was certainly Slash, but when I heard the evil guitar intro of Slayer’s “South of Heaven” and it ran down my back, it was clear I wanted to play thrash metal myself. I eventually had several metal bands before I founded my own Old School Death Metal Band ENDSEEKER (as a die hard Entombed fan) in 2014 and we released three records to date. This is certainly the greatest band I’ve ever had and my Solar V1.6 BOP is the perfect instrument for me and our style, absolutely brutal, defined and due to the Evertune Bridge 100% in tune at any time, despite of our low tuning!

So far I have recorded two full records with the “Solar V1.6 BOP”, namely our two Metal Blade Records – releases “The Harvest” and “Mount Carcass”. I couldn’t imagine better weapons for those records. Likewise, the guitars convinced me countless times as well in the live situation. Perfect.


The Solar V1.6 BOP is certainly the best playing guitar I’ve ever had!

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