JuanMa Dávalos (DAH) – DIES IRAE/TOTAL DEATH Solar Artists

Dah is the founder member of the 90’s Mexico’s Doom Metal Pioneers DIES IRAE. Also current producer, colaborator and lead guitar of the legendary Ecuatorian Doom Death act TOTAL DEATH and is also currently band member in Majestic Downfall.

Dah have been worked with many prestiged studios, producers, musicians and bands and have been performed on European, Canadian an Mexican Tours and a few of the best metal festivals like 70,000 Tons of Metal, Maryland Death Fest, Domination Fest, Force Fest, Mexico Metal Fest, Lisbon Under the Doom having a constant musician career since 1994.

As an old heavy metal warrior I have been played lots of guitars in the past, the last 10 years only a few was my favorites til now… I met Solar Guitars who gave me a mix of the qualities I was looking for in a guitar an it fits completely with my music and my emotions.

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