Jonas Wolf – ELUVEITIE Signature Artists

Signature Guitars:

Jonas Wolf’s collaboration with Solar Guitars has given birth to two extraordinary instruments: the V1.6 VW Wolfmaster and the V1.6 Wolfmaster. These guitars are a testament to Jonas’s uncompromising dedication to his craft, combining cutting-edge design with the power and precision demanded by modern metal guitarists.

Musical Endeavors:

Jonas Wolf’s talents shine brightly in two prominent bands: Eluveitie and Illumishade. In Eluveitie, he contributes to the band’s distinctive blend of folk metal and melodic death metal, bringing an unmatched intensity to the stage. As a founding member of Illumishade, Jonas explores new horizons with his bandmates, fusing symphonic elements and metal in a unique and captivating way.

Solar Guitars look exactly how they sound: Straight to the point metal machines, elegant and powerful! Their V and E designs are some of the most badass around for sure but most of all the team behind the guitars is just as awesome!

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