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Band : Movie score writer & session player

Started playing in January of 1992 in the small town Ljusdal in the middle of Sweden. My dad was a guitar player and taught me the first few chords and how to alternate pick. After discovering Yngwie in the summer of that year, the guitar became the most important thing.

Spent the next 3 years practicing like a madman while discovering other big influences like John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine and Kee Marcello to name just a few.

In August of 1995, I traveled to Los Angeles to study at G.I.T for a year, met a lot of cool people there and studied with Brett Garsed and T.J Helmerich as much as I could.

Spent a year back home playing in cover bands and an original instrumental band. Moved to Stockholm in 1998 and started the band Mankind with singer Magnus Lindblom, Johan Liefvendahl, Andreas Blomqvist and Johnny Sandin. The latter three went on to start the progressive metal band, Seventh Wonder after Mankind disbanded.

Studied with George Bellas via cd-rom and phone lessons during most of 1998-99. Started teaching guitar privately in 2001 and spent 6 years doing that full time. Got interested in orchestral composition around 2005-2006 and started studying that seriously two years later. Spent 2009-2015 composing close to 700 2 minute tracks for the Epidemic Sound music library, mostly in the film/orchestral vein.

During this time I hardly played guitar and only did some sessions for friends. I got gradually more interested in guitar again in late 2015 and upon starting my Instagram a few months later the desire to practice and really take it as far as possible started up in a big way. I believe I play for the right reason again because it’s fun and not because I need to prove anything.

I spend my days teaching guitar and orchestral composition over Skype as well as well as making lessons/clips for my Instagram and youtube channel.

“This guitar feels like an old friend, from the moment I picked it up it was like coming home. Sounds great, looks great and feels great. What more could you ask for?”

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