Jensen – THE HAUNTED / WITCHERY Signature Artists

Patrik Jensen is a Swedish guitar player most known for forming and being a member of Swedish metal acts The Haunted and Witchery. Both bands have achieved great international recognition and acclaim throughout their close to two decade long careers. Jensen has also won, among other official achievements, several Swedish Grammys with The Haunted for best metal/hard rock album of the year.

Solar E1.6 Jensen Signature Model, E2.6C

“With the Solar E1.6 I finally have an instrument that combines all the hardware features I expect in a great guitar with the sonic delivery of an exceptional guitar. Not only does the guitar look amazing, but the guitar plays with such ease that I can fully focus on getting the most out of the songs I play, rather than having to focus on getting the guitar to do what I want. This goes for both in the studio and in a live setting. Chuffed!!”

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