Jeff Pauge Solar Artists

Strong from a career in France, in the UK, and in Spain, Jeff has developed an international customer base worldwide. With over a hundred students over the past 5 years, teaching guitar and bass, Jeff was able to focus on his youtube channel, on different musical projects such as Magnitude 10, End Paragon, and Jeff Pauge (as solo project) and moved to his dream place in Màlaga.
As the pandemic stopped everything in the business and most musicians enjoyed some forced rest, Jeff choose to work even harder.

Endorsed by Oil City Pickups.

2 singles has been released in 2021 (Predator, Reflections) and more music is coming!

Being an independent artist always pushes me outside my comfort zone. If you only do what’s easy, your life will be hard, but if you work hard, life will be easy. It brings me freedom.

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