Jari Kuusisto – FARSOTH Featured Artists

Jari Kuusisto is a Swedish guitar player most know for forming and being a member of the Swedish metal act Carnal Forge. Carnal Forge has toured all around the globe and released several albums since 1997. New album released 2018.

2021 Jari left Carnal Forge to focus 100% on his new band Farsoth. Debut album will be released October 28th 2022.



E 2.6C
S 1.6 ETC
A 1.7 ETC

E1.6 FBB
E1.7 Canibalismo
E2.6 ETC
V1.6 C

I just love the quality and the killer looks of my Solar A1.6 Artist. Straight out of the box it plays like a dream and the pickups sounds really crunchy and fat. There is nothing that I would like to change on the guitar, and that has probably never happened to me with other brands. I’m really proud of being a part of the Solar family, and I’m looking forward on what the future for Ola and Solar guitars will bring. Solar guitars is a must for every guitar player on the planet.

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