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Born in 1992, I started my journey through music since I was a child, listening to all kinds of rock and metal records. In 2005, when I was 13 years old, I left the city of Santiago to live in the fifth region of Valparaíso, where I started to practice drums, returning to study every week in Santiago, during two years in my stay at this place, I was discovering music and wanting to be present in every place where you could play.

In 2007 when I returned to Santiago de Chile I started studying Bass, an instrument with which I created a strong relationship, after finishing high school in 2010, and with my first salary I bought my first guitar, an instrument for which I decided to study professionally at the university a year later in 2011, after some years of studying and playing in different local bands, in March of 2017 begin the recordings of “Terror” debut album of Assylum one of my current bands, released on March 23 of 2018, sounding on radios and being seen in different types of media, Terror had an excellent reception by the masses.

Currently I am fully dedicated to music with my two bands Assylum and Valhkyr with the latter preparing their debut album that will be released very soon, I also find myself giving private classes in my home to my students.

“The Solar Guitars are very comfortables, have a perfect balance and elegant design, with the versatile sound of Duncan Solar pickups are perfect to play any style of music, at the time of play live or Recording in Studio, With my E2.6C i can play anything!!!”

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