Jacky Frances – PROPHET OF PAIN Solar Artists

Jacky is a true Bavarian girl, who loves good beer and music! She is making music since her childhood and likes to be creativ on her own and with other people as well. Jacky is the guitarist of her 2016 founded band Prophet of Pain, who mainly combine Black and Death Metal. Prophet of Pain are currently writing new songs. Influences mainly come from Necrophobic and Dark Fortress. Since September she is using the Solar V2.6C live on stage and for some of her Instagram videos.

She truly loves to play groovy riffs and dark melodies and is always looking for new ideas. She is absolutely open minded and likes to be inspired by different genres.

Favorite bands: Rammstein and Emigrate, Cradle of Filth, Necrophobic, Depeche Mode



It’s just a question of time 

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