Ivo Durães – INVOKE Solar Artists

Ivo Durães is the guitar player from Burn Damage, a portuguese death/groove metal band from Lisbon burning stages since 2008.
His childhood was heavily influenced by blues & rock music, mostly because of his father who loved the genre and was a guitar player.
As he was growing up he started to move onto heavier music. going through Thrash, Death and Heavy metal. At this point he was already self-learning the ways of the electric guitar.
Always with the influence and inspiration from the greatest metal rythmn guitar players out there, Ivo keeps expanding his technique to create the music he loves.
Ivo is now working on Burn Damage’s follow up of their debut album “Age Of Vultures” (published by RagingPlanet 2017) expected to come out in the first semester of 2019.


E1.6 Jensen

Lets forget the fact that this is really a great guitar and every guitarist should have at least one… This is about joining and celebrating what determination and perseverance can achieve. Thank you Ola, for giving us a new alternative and a guitar company that actually talks with their guitar players!

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