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Hardcore punk & metal band from Tunisia, North Africa. Znous means “species” in tunisian slang and is a word often used as an offense against people who deviate from the norms.
The band tackles social and political subjects and is fueled by the injustices in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

Website: https://www.znousland.net
Bandcamp: https://znous.bandcamp.com

AB 1.6S



I always played guitars I built/mounted or customized myself. Not out of eccentrism but out of being an orthodox DIY guy. At some point and during the last couple of years a friend I trust put a Solar guitar in my arms. I found it hard to deny how much it fit into everything about me; physiologically and sonically. I ended up borrowing it for recording. Few months later we used the proper revenues of our band merch to buy the first Solar guitar.
It has been some time now… but still feels like the honey moon.
I would like to thank Ola beyond all business and jargons for sharing this passion and being a genuine artist as well as an inspiring and empathetic entrepreneur.

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