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Grym is the Reaper of Souls, the Lord of Death, a multi-dimensional skeleton, who hails from the Nether Realm. Bringing you bone crushing riffs and otherworldly jams every day of the week. Using the inter-dimensional link, Grym broadcasts a high quality production show of live music, video games, music production, and various community activities @
Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri 10:00am AWST/GMT+8 

“Grym’s live streams occur in a magical realm with multiple locations, where he will travel back and forth from his castle, through a portal to Hell. Now that he has unlocked the mighty Solar V1.6 Cannibalismo, he now has the ability to travel to space. (see video)

In all these locations, with the help of a mysterious Wizard, he performs original songs from his debut album, as well as many great covers from bands like Death, Metallica, Gojira, Trivium, Lamb of God and more. He also live streams audio production in REAPER and helps others learn about recording, writing and performing music.

Grym has built a strong community of souls. In every stream there is a segment where the community can share their favourite riffs from their favourite songs, and he will listen and watch them on stream and attempt to master one of them. From time to time, the community can also battle to the death in a virtual interactive mosh-pit, where the victor can win some merchandise!”

Learn more of Grym and his realm by visiting his Twitch channel linked above.

V2.6 C
V1.6 Canibalismo

“Solar guitars harness the power of a thousand suns, it’s just what I need”

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