Marc Bräutigam – Exumer, The Very End Featured Artists

Started to play guitar back in 1990, had my first band in 1991 – local Death Metal heads Infernal Curse, did my first show with them at the age of 15. Had been in German Progressive Metal band Everflow for about 11 years. Joined Melodic Metal band We Are Divine thereafter in 2011. Became member of Thrash Metal icons Exumer in 2013 when I joined them on their South American tour in September. Since 2018 I have also been in Death/Thrash Metal Band The Very End.
EVERFLOW – Secret Vista (1999) – Goodlife Records
EVERFLOW – Different Views (2007) – Yonah Records
JITTERBUG – New Roses (2006) – Yonah Records
CAPS FOR SALE – Sugar In The Sea (2008) – Yonah Records/Self Release
EXUMER – The Raging Tides (2016) – Metal Blade Records
EXUMER – Hostile Defiance (2019) – Metal Blade Records
THE VERY END – Zeitgeist (2021) – Apostasy Records

In for restless days turn to nights of pain
Learn to grind your teeth, the only grand mistreater
I’m the dust eater

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