Erlend Nybø – COR SCORPII / FUNERAL Solar Artists

Erlend Nybø is a Norwegian guitar player and a member of the bands Cor Scorpii and Funeral.

Both are renowned acts with international recognition. They are known for their emotional and professional delivery and for putting on memorable shows. Funeral are known as the creators of the subgenre ”Funeral doom”. Keywords: Slow. Epic. Depressive.
Cor Scorpii plays melodic extreme metal and are one of the heirs of Windir, an extremely influential act in the genre. Cor Scorpii is known for their epic and soaring lead guitars, expertly and deftly performed by Erlend.


The A1.6 Artist LTD is everything i want from a modern shred machine. It looks great, it plays great, and it sounds great. With the release of the S1.6PB-27 i finally got the perfect EverTune equipped baritone guitar for the A-tuning we use with Funeral. Outstanding guitars!

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