Derryl Vi – VI Solar Artists

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Derryl Vi embarked on his musical journey when he first picked up a guitar in 1996. From that moment, he was captivated by the raw power and energy of early Metallica and Iron Maiden albums, igniting an obsession for heavy music

In 2014, Vi channeled his focus into the formation of VI, a musical endeavour driven by a relentless pursuit of heavy riffing intertwined with melodic tranquility. With two impressive EPs under their belt, VI unleashed their debut album, “The Art of Violence,” upon the world in the midst of 2017. The release garnered substantial recognition in Europe and South America, solidifying VI’s position as a force to be reckoned with.

Prior to the inception of VI, Derryl Vi had the honor of sharing the stage with renowned acts such as Devildriver during their “Thrash and Burn Tour” in 2009. Additionally, his exceptional skills on the guitar earned him a coveted spot among a group of seven featured guitarists on “Shredders of Metal,”. This would bring awareness of the unknown guitarist at the time.

Ever active in the Toronto metal scene, Derryl Vi served as the interim guitarist for Toronto Thrash metal band Korrosive. Embracing this role with unwavering dedication, he to contributed his time contributing guitar solos for Black Metal/Doom Metal band Plague Weaver. Simultaneously, Vi continues his role as a second guitarist for the Melodic Black Metal/Thrash band, Malice Divine.

In a career milestone, Derryl Vi has been granted the privilege to join the prestigious roster of Solar Guitars, a company associated with legendary acts like At The Gates and The Haunted.

Excitingly, Derryl Vi has also announced that he will be joining forces with Loubelle Luis of Descant Gott for his highly anticipated third album. This collaboration promises to bring a dynamic fusion of their musical styles, pushing the boundaries of heavy music even further.

Derryl Vi’s biography is a testament to his unwavering passion for heavy music, his achievements on the stage, and his continued pursuit of sonic excellence. With his talent and dedication, VI is poised to leave a mark on the world of metal music, captivating audiences with performances both as a member of VI, as a guiding force within Malice Divine, and through his exciting collaboration with Loubelle Luis on the forthcoming third album.

Fast forward to September 25, 2023, “Pestilence Eternal” arrived, marking a milestone in VI’s journey.

“It’s a privilege to join Solar Guitars and be among with musical heroes such as At The Gates and The Haunted. I can’t wait to release new music using these tools of sonic destruction.”


After playing guitar for 20+ years Solar Guitars accommodates to any situation from practicing, to recording and performing.  The craftsmanship, versatility and attention to detail went beyond my expectations.  That’s when I decided to be a Solar guitar player from here on.

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