Dave – MILE Solar Artists

David (Dave) Wallberg was born in Sweden 1986 and started to play the guitar at the rebel youth of 14 years old.

Dave has played in several different constellations throughout the years and one day he got a call from his cousin asking him to do a stand in at a

live show 2011 with his band Cabinett. It was the first and last performance with the band Cabinett. Dave and three other members from Cabinett decided to form a new band. The journey had started for the band MILE.


The band MILE released their first album “Lost” in 2015 and their second album “The World in Focus” 2018

MILE is a melodic metal band from Skövde, Sweden. With their heavy riffs and clean vocals they have been touring Brazil 2018 and Europe 2019.

The third album is in the makings.


E2.6 BOP  



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