Dan Loureiro – CARNIFIED / YNYS WYDRYN Solar Artists

Dan Loureiro is a singer, bass and guitar player born in 1983 in Salvador-BA, Brazil. He started studying singing and play in local bands at 14 years old. At 16 years old he started to play guitar and bass and studying about music theory and composition. He played in several bands as Confiteor, Ynys Wydryn and Carnified, in local or international events, as opening band for Master, Evergrey, Krisium, among others. Dan is a partner in the Revolusom Online Studio (https://revolusomonline.com) and has already produced a lot of local bands as The Cross, Syndrome K, Ynys Wydryn, among others. Carnified was formed in 1994, with a conceptual theme, its lyrics tell stories of a world called Askardem, inhabited by Gods who envy the human form. 

Recorded Albuns:

Confiteor – More than their lies (2012)

Mass Mayhem – Beware the Consequences (2017)

Ynys Wydryn – Malevolent Creation (2018)

Carnified – Nocturna (2021)

Carnified Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAdQVEBWyzWDGCexLeA-TXA

Studio: https://revolusomonline.com






Heavy like a hell, like a bass needs to be.

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