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ENVIG is a deathmetal quartet from Lidköping, Sweden, influenced by Swedish crust-punk. Formed in 2015 as a pure crust-punk band Envig evolved swiftly into a more heavy, dark and fast style due to the band members common love for old school death metal. A lyrical theme about the dark side of human nature in general, and the horrors of war in particular was established, and was a fit to the sound. Shortly after the band was formed a demo was recorded. It got picked up by CRYPTORIUM RECORDS who also gave the band the possibility to release their first full-length album, BY HUMAN HANDS (2018). After that, Envig has played live on several occasions, big and small. Klubb Fredagsmangel in Stockholm, Metal Fest Sweden in Jönköping and at The Abyss and Black Mass in Gothenburg to name a few. In 2020 the recording of the second album GUTWOUND was commenced. It was released on the 10th of September 2021. The album have received good reactions from both critics and footmen and can be listened to on all digital platforms as well as on CD, LP & Cassette.


My first contact with Solar guitars was when my band mate got one. I liked how it sounds, how it looks and of course the Evertune feature. When I saw that Solar bass-guitars were coming I was convinced, so I got an AB2.4, tried it out both live and in the rehearsal and what can I say? I loved it. No wierd noises, feels great to play on, stays in tune. I have recently been invited to play bass in another band who uses a 5-string bass. I didn’t have to think twice until I decided to get myself an AB2.5 which I’m convinced will also be a great tool for metal.

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