Cole Anton Lamb – VULTURES Solar Artists

Cole Lamb, of Canadian west coast Metal/Hardcore outfit ‘VULTURES’, has been making waves over the last few years in the North American heavy music scene, having released 2 critically acclaimed EPs and shared the stage with industry heavyweights such as Cancer Bats, Despised Icon, ’68, Archspire, and Enterprise Earth. With over a decade of musicianship under his belt, Cole has taken influence from the violent sonic aggression of The Chariot and the melodic intensity of Darkest Hour, and melded it with his own unique compositional form and ear for punishing tone. Looking to further refine his craft and open new doors for his playing, Cole found a confident fit with the sharp cuts and contours of the Solar super strat design, and is now a proud member of the Solar Artist family.



The playability of Solar guitars are insane. Proud to be a part of the Solar Artist Team.

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