Chris T. Ian – SLEEPERS GUILT Solar Artists

I am a guitar player and songwriter from Luxembourg. I played in several metal bands, starting in 1998.
Since 2011, I am guitarist and the main songwriter for the band Sleepers‘ Guilt. The band plays a unique style, which is rooted in the melodic death metal genre, but the music is expanded with progressive elements and a general openness towards musical experiments. The band has released 2 EP‘s and one double album called Kilesa. In fall 2020, the band will release their new full length Album which will be called „What Remained“.
I currently play 2 Solar guitars, both 6 and 7 strings in the studio as well as live. I felt at home with these guitars since the day i got them.
My current weapons of choice are the A2.7 and the A2.6.



Since I got my first Solar guitar, I immediately felt at home. The neck is just perfect for me. Playability and sound are truly to my liking.

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