Chris Bone – FORGED IN BLACK Solar Artists

Chris Bone started playing guitar at age 16, with his first band at 17. Chris is influenced by a lot of genres, mainly by Scandinavian death, black and melodic metal.


He joined UK heavy metal band Forged In Black in 2016, recording an EP with the legendary producer Chris Tsangarides before his sad passing (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Anvil, Black Sabbath, King Diamond etc) followed by their latest album ‘Descent of the Serpent’ with ‘Romesh Dodangoda’ (Motorhead, Bring Me the Horizon etc).


On March 5th 2019 Descent Of The Serpent was unveiled and the reaction from the worldwide press has been staggering, with a tidal wave of praise flooding in from the likes of Zero Tolerance, Lords Of Metal, Dead Rhetoric, Metal Temple, Metal Gods TV, Musipedia Of Metal, Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine and many, many more.

Straight away I felt right at home with my Solar guitar; great playability, specs and sound! They have thought of everything, from the comfortable rounded edges to the neck cutaway.. as if V’s weren’t easy enough access already!  An excellent instrument and highly recommended! I look forward to gigging and recording with this guitar for the foreseeable future.

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